Saturday, October 3, 2009


Happy weekend bloggies! Yesterday began with proof that my sprouted bread cutting skills are DEFINITELY improving:

Outta sight, right? Spread with almond butter plus bluebizzles. Gotta have it. AB & bloobz were made for each other, period. Plus peppermint tea, naturlich.

My BP continues to mess with my ability to stand up straight, apparently! I downed SEVERAL glasses buckets full of H2O before making good on my promise to walk Billy again while my step-mum was at work. Upon feeling like I may be able to walk fifteen minutes without dying, the Billster and I were outtie.

My day got better during our walk because of two things. Thing one:

Now, generally I'm strictly a caffeine-free girl. But put me smack in the middle of a household that runs on coffee and I'll welcome my old caffeinated ways back with open arms. Before yesterday I had been running on empty for three days straight. My liquid gold, aka Large Takeaway Long Black No Sugar, fixed me right up :) Now for thing two:

MULBERRIES! As a kid around Brisbane, my friends and I would play in the park by the river and pick and eat these berries until we practically puked everywhere. Kay, no puking was involved, but you get the picture. Finding this tree on my way back from the beach made me jump up and down with glee as memories flooded me with nostalgia for purple-stained fingers and those delicious berries. So I ate every ripe one I could see. Obvi. But that wasn't very many.

After dropping Bill back home I dashed right back out to my beloved Harbord Growers. I realised with quite an upset that this would probably be my very last visit until I returned to Sydney once more, seeing as I had Wicked scheduled for Saturday and was flying to Brisbane around 10.30 on Sunday. So I resolved to buy the essentials as well as grab a few things I'd had my eye on for a while.

L-R: Nannerz (must have!), Mango Tapioca (how could I not, after how amazing the Apple-Cinnamon was), dried pineapple rings, and a strange, un-juiced POM Wonderful ;)

My tummy immediately demanded dried pineapple. Who am I to say no?

Why do my hands always look weird in food photos?

I was super excited to try my pomegranate, having never had one (apart from the juice) before! I still had leftover pasta from last night's salad, there were neglected portobellos in the veggie crisper, and my lunch go-to green: baby spinach. An idea began to form...

And so, here's another almost-recipe! Another pasta salad... sorry!
Bitter Balsamic Triple P Salad (Pom, Pasta, Portobello... get it?): Serves one; 270 calories
20g pomegranate
30g baby spinach leaves
One serve Orgran Rice & Corn Spirals, cooked & cooled (or any pasta you prefer)
1 portobello mushroom
15ml balsamic vinegar

1. Put the mushroom in a bowl upside-down and drizzle the balsamic vinegar over it. Use your hands or a brush to distribute the vinegar all over the mushroom and place in the fridge to marinate for ten minutes.
2. Toss the spinach, pasta and pomegranate.
3. Retrieve the mushroom from the fridge and cook on a hot non-stick skillet until blackened. Make sure to pour any balsamic vinegar in the bottom of the bowl over the mushroom while it cooks.
4. Top your salad with the cooked mushroom. Toss the salad around a bit so the spinach and pasta get a coating of vinegar. Enjoy!

I had my salad alongside this yummy ramekin:

Sydnian lentil bites + baba ghanoush. So. Freakin'. Good. I am gonna miss these babies in Brisbane.

Given my recent troubles with my blood pressure, and how much I've been stressing over school, myself, and a whole bunch of crazy stuff I won't bore you with here, my step-mum (who has a massage/healing business) offered to do a massage and energy healing session for me. I'd never had either, mainly because I didn't know there was any such thing as an energy healing session and the idea of a stranger rubbing me down just always freaked me out. But knowing just how much tension I carried - in my shoulder AND emotionally - I said yes. But not before afternoon tea.

The Mango Tapioca was soooo yumlicious. Specially when scooped up with a date. Perfection I say.

My massage was very relaxing, although my arm did go all floppy at one point which was kind of disturbing. However, it was the energy healing that really left an impact on me. I held a crystal in each hand, and there was one at my head & feet, and my step-mum did a "guided meditation" for me where I communicated with three angels I'd chosen from a deck of tarot-like cards. Now, I don't know how much belief I actually have in this sort of thing but what I do know is how amazing the entire thing felt. I felt very safe, supported and like I definitely wasn't alone - besides my step-mum being there, that is. After the session I felt more energised than I had in months. So, something worked! Have you had any experiences with this type of thing? If not, what do you think of it all?

Full of energy, I got cookin' dinner. My step-mum specifically requested Isa's V'con Pineapple-Cashew-Quinoa stir fry. I decided to change things up a bit and invert the recipe to make...

Stuffed Red Bell Peppers! So naturally I didn't put any bell pepper in the actual stir fry, I just made it up without that and then stuffed two de-seeded peppers with some quinoa mix and popped it in the oven for about ten minutes to soften. It was fantastic! I'd always wanted to have stuffed peppers. Dream come true? Yes.

Although I felt a lot less like sleeping than usual, the energy boost from the healing session was starting to wear off at around ten. So, I grabbed me some eats and snuggled into bed with Almost French again. I'm not sure whether it's bc my mind was skittering all over the place but I just didn't enjoy reading it as much yesterday. Ah well.

Dayum. I was lovin' my bloobz and pineapple, wasn't I?

Next post: a review of The Green Gourmet and Vegans Choice Grocery! Plus I'll tell you all about Wicked. So excited!

- VS.


  1. your eats look so amazingly delicious :)
    that tapioca with the date! love tapioca pudding my favorite :)

    have a great friday night

  2. love all your eats girly! so healthy, creative and yummy looking and sounding...must make that v'cons stir fry love how u changed it up and put it in a pepper! yum! and the tapioca with the date, i am a huge tapioca pudding fan ;) favorite!

    ugh so hard to have such low BP and standing up straight and will improve, keep on with the h20 and electrolytes etc..! must do the are amzing and really taking good care after your beautiful self and such an inspiration!


  3. The stuffed pepper looks yummy!!

    I have the same problem.. I always feel dizzy when I stand up, I should probably see the doctor. Keep up the water drinking, it will help :)


  4. I can't seem to get pomegranate to work for me - I can't make the seeds come out properly. I think the last time I tried it, it may have been a bit off.

    Loving all the blueberries!

  5. It all looks so good.

    Don't despair on the Syndian front in Brisbane. You can sometimes get Syndian bites at Mrs Flannery's organic supermarket at Wooloongabba. However, they don't always have them, so call first.