Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life's a beach

So, remember how I was making some whiney noises about the cold, windy weather here in dear old Sydney?
That weather was HISTORY yesterday! I didn't realise until I stepped outside since the house is so well-insulated (read: freakin' freezing), but it was hot hot hot! Cloudless blue sky, cancer-causing UV rays beating down mercilessly, gusty hot breeze... perfect beach weather ;)

The day's eats started off very well indeed! I had the remainder of my homemade berry-tofu-yoghurt, which had set nicely in its container and had a consistency reminiscent of greek yoghurt. I was delighted to say the very least: I loved me some greek yoghurt, as a pre-gan. Alongside this I decided I needed some carby goodness, so I heated up a bowl o' leftover brown basmati with a sh!t tin of cinnamon & drizzled with some AB. Bliss.

Blurred cinnamon rice anyone?

Before heading to the beach, I knew I needed some anti-dizzy-spell magic. Luckily for me, there was some lemon-lime electrolyte powder in the kitchen cupboard. Perfecto - I could have picked up a bottle of Gatorade, but all that sugar for a little hydration? No thanks.

It tasted pretty good, surprisingly. Just like the supah-sweet cordial I downed by the gallon as a kid. Except for a weird, gross bitter part at the very bottom of the cup. Ah well, I didn't really care. The icky remaining drink went down the sinkhole and I went down to the beach with my step-mum.

I was so hot by the time we got there I wanted to jump straight into the water. Lucky I didn't, because when I waded in the water was FREEEEEZING! Seriously, icicle-worthy stuff. Apparently hot sunny day does not equal perfect water temp. Dang. I opted to be sensible and apply lots of sunscreen before lying around in the sun tan instead.

A little browner than when we arrived, step-mum and I made off for the Harbord Growers to get a red bell pepper, some pineapple, bloobz, and a mango. Oh happy day. Upon reaching home I was staaaaarving so I made me some lunch.

Wrap = Syndian Aussie Fusion burger patty mushed up with some pineapple pieces & baby spinach in a wholemeal tortilla. Plus 'bouleh. I'm gonna miss the convenience of having a salad deli right near my house when I go back to Briz. The patty was pretty great! Aptly named, too - there was definitely beetroot in there, and we all know beetroot + pineapple = aussie burger, right? Well, sort of anyway.

The afternoon was upon me when I realised I had absolutely nothing to do. No Gossip Girl to watch, no more taped shows... nada zip zero. Okay, I could have learned my lines for the play we're doing in Theatre Arts this coming term... but I'm on 24/7 work-avoidance detail and that just wouldn't do. I resigned myself to finishing off Twilight for the millionth time (I'm aware of how awful the books are but it doesn't stop me loving them to pieces), accompanied by a fruity snickety-snack.

This is the reason I love it when the weather gets warmer: all the best fruit comes into season! Fresh mango, bloobz, and a dried paw paw spear. Nature's candy: who needs the manufactured stuff? What's your fave fruit? I have no IDEA how to pick just one. I love them all! Lychees, plums, peaches, apricots, apples, pears, bananas, watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew melon, pineapple, papaya, coconut, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, mulberries, grapes, goji berries, cranberries... oh man. I could so easily be a fruitarian, but I love my veg too!

Given my utter neglect of dinner cooking I figured it was high time I do something that half-resembled a recipe. It was still hot enough, in the noontime yesterday, for me to shun all ideas of a hot dinner. So pasta salad it was! In the spirit of the first day of MoFo, I've even posted a (pretty shoddy) recipe! Proud o' me?

Super Simple Pasta Salad: Serves 4; 300 calories per serve
One four-serving package pasta spirals (or any shape you like, I used Orgran Rice & Corn Spirals)
1 medium avocado (about 140g without the seed or skin)
180g red bell pepper, chopped into cubes
100g sugar snap/snow peas, chopped into small pieces
Optional: Any other veggies you want - or you could add tofu, tempeh, seitan etc to make a more substantial meal :)

1. Cook pasta according to packet directions. Drain and place in a bowl. Chill in refrigerator for at least an hour.
2. Mash the flesh of the avocado in a medium-sized ramekin. Transfer the mash to your cold bowl of pasta and stir vigorously for about ninety seconds to combine.
3. Place your chopped veggies/other optional ingredients in the bowl and stir well to combine.
4. Hey presto! You've got ridiculously easy pasta salad.

Okay, I know that wasn't much of a recipe. But give a girl some cred. I'm trying here. And for the record, I ate my helping of pasta salad with a LOT of vegetable salt. Gotta love hypotension.

And finally, to finish off the day, I decided to be more than a little bit unhealthy. What I TRULY craved, banana soft serve, was not an option as we were (gasp!) out of nannerz. So I grabbed the next-best thing: a vegan chocolate coconut cookie, cinnamon cashews, and more bloobz.

I munched on dessert while reading the book underneath the ramekin that my step-mum leant me: Almost French by Sarah Turnbull. It's apparently a true story, almost an autobiography of sorts. I'm an avid reader and recently have been stuck in a Harry Potter-Twilight-Harry Potter again cycle. I love my comfort reads but I do like branching out. While this book isn't challenging as such, the story of the cultural transition of an Australian girl who goes to live in Paris on a whim motivated by a handsome stranger is pretty engaging and I'm liking it more than I'd anticipated. But I do need to go book shopping asap for the sake f my sanity - I need good books to keep me happy and I can't technically claim this book as mine, it belongs here in Sydney. Any recommendations for me?

Tomorrow, I promise another recipe - although not one much more involved than today's!
- VS

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  1. I know how you feel about fruit - it's impossible to choose just one favourite!!

    I haven't been to Sydney in aaages. Jealous. Also, I was going to buy the syndian burger yesterday because it was on special, but didn't know whether it was good or not. Now I will try it!!