Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just a quick li'l heads-up, chickadees: I now only attend school part-time. To cut a very long story brutally short, I have not been coping with the energy that my school requires in order for me to survive as a student there - talkin' physically & emotionally here. Plus I've completely lost passion for the subject I am even in school at all for: Theatre, so I'm feeling pretty lost at sea where my life focus is concerned. Top it all off with an ongoing recovery period from anorexia nervosa (yikes, I've hinted at it here before but never quite been so blunt - sorry if that freaks anybody out) and you've got yourself a vegan, seventeen who really needs some honest to God off time. So instead of five days a week of school I'm doing two, without the stress of having to worry about homework & assessment - only for this last term, and then next year we'll see where my head's at.

So, moving on. What does all this mean? Copious amounts of time all to myself? Check. Parents and principal heavily encouraging me to be social and go out? Check. Is this a dream? Nope, it's all too real, and what it means is this: I can blog properly again!

Now, I can't be putting pressure on myself to replace all the pressure I've just had removed, so I'm not promising daily postage. But I'm thinking it'll at least be more frequent than it has of late :D

So! My first post as a part-time school-attender, on my second day of non-attendance. It's been pretty fantastic so far, very relaxing and such. I've been snacking on beauties such as this:

Yes, I still have Cinnamon Cashews left over from Sydney. With organic strawbz + topped with Ricemellow Creme. Loves. And speaking of Sydney, I believe I hinted at a review?

Review: Syndian Roasted Vege Lasagna
Woe betide she who gives a negative review to a vegan product, right? I feel awful in saying this, but this just did not do it for me at all. In fact, I downright disliked it. Now y'all know what a big fan I am of Syndian's bites and burgers, so you can probably take a guess at how disappointed I was by this lasagna. See the sorry-looking sheet of tofu ricotta on top of all that thinned-out tomato sauce? It was so bland! It was like eating soggy paper. No taste at all. The tomato sauce was better flavour-wise, but lacked in the texture department and did a very bad job of staying between the sheets of pasta, preferring to run all over everything like water. As for the actual vegetables, well, they were good tasting but only because vegetables are pretty much always good tasting. No interesting seasoning or anything - plus they were cut into such BIG sizes and kept tearing off all over the place, and they were all cooked to different stages - some were supah soft and fell off my fork, and others were hard and crunchy. Eating this thing was a MESS. I won't be getting this again. But don't worry, I still love you, Syndian. You've already won me over for good with your delicious falafel bites :)

With all my extra time, I decided to try out a few recipes from VWAV I've been meaning to cook up for a while now. Presenting:

Ginger Roasted Vegetables with Orange Glazed Beets, alongside garlicky spinach and pine nut couscous. So. Effing. Yummmm. I added a ton more salt to the beets than the recipe said because I didn't want to overload on sweetness for dinner (seeing as the roasted veg dish has copious amounts of maple syrup in it) and it turned out amaaazing. Salt + maple + orange + beets = yumtastic.

Anyway, tonight's very exciting because I get on a plane to Melbourne! I used to live in good ol' Melby when I was just a kidlet, but I don't remember it very much. I'm super excited to see my dad's new house plus explore around town - not to mention visit some amazing vegan restaurants and cafes! So far I've got my heart set on going to Vegie Bar and Lord of the Fries (I've heard it's gone downhill, but vegan fast food is so scarce I figure I've gotta try it once, right?). Any other recommendations?

See you in Melbourne!
- VS


  1. If you can you should go to Las Vegan bakery in Collingwood, and Mr Naturals pizza in St Kilda.


    And you should visit me!!



  2. Where are you staying in Melbourne? If you can go north to Preston, I recommend La Panella bakery. I still really like Shakahari in Carlton, too.

  3. Oh, and if you do go to Las Vegan, and you happen to go tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), walk up Smith Street to Friends of the Earth and visit me! We have vegan cake if Las Vegan has run out...

  4. Thanks for the recommendations guys! I was going to head to Mr Naturals last night for dinner, but unfortunately my sister was too tired and we hit up Vegie Bar for an early meal. It was great though! We also got Lord of the Fries for lunch :)
    Steph, I'm in Williamstown & I'm heading out to La Panella this morning - yay! So excited, I checked out when Las Vegan was open and it's closed all weekend! Sucks.
    And Amy - hehe, I totally should visit you. If it wasn't my grandmother's 70th birthday on the 1st of November I'd say we should catch up at World Vegan Day! I'm so disappointed I'll be missing out. But, you know what, I'm going to be coming to Melbourne pretty frequently so maybe we should organise a group of Melbourne vegans to go out for dinner/lunch somewhere? That would be so fun :D
    Oh - I also have some bad news :( but you'll hear all about that in my next post. Love you both!

  5. tripy taco on smith st also, it's my favorite place.

  6. Oh no, I have a Syndian lasagne in the freezer but I haven't eaten it yet. I hope I like it :/