Sunday, October 11, 2009

Abandonment issues

Sheesh. As soon as school starts up again, this blog gets abandoned like a xmas present puppy. Oh my gosh, that was in such bad taste. Sorry. Speaking of irresponsible pet owners, though, today I went looking for a new water dispenser for my chickens - theirs is broken :( and I was at the Pet Hypermarket resisting the urge to adopt every single mill-bred puppy in the store when I saw a couple looking at a turtle. The man obviously wanted the turtle, badly. The woman said, "But we barely clean the bloody house, how are we going to find time to clean that huge tank?" and he replied simply, "If we get sick of it, we can just set it free." She agreed and they went to find a staff member. I wanted to tell the workers NOT to sell that turtle to the couple under ANY circumstances. It was so sad to see that process of "Oh it's so cute" one day, to "Dumped on the side of the road" the next, in process. Made me want to cry. Have you ever had a similar experience?

Anyway, end rant. This week has been a mixed bag, eats-wise. Some things have been marvelous, and others have been absolutely ordinary (read: lazy dinners). I whipped up some more recipes from VWAV: Jerk Seitan and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy!

Kay, it LOOKS pretty ordinary, but lemme assure: absolutely mouthwatering. I was a little worried that the jerk marinade wouldn't "go" with the gravy. But I was proven wrong, and I don't think I was ever happier to be wrong in my whole laaaiiife. I'm loving me some sauces over the top of my dinners lately; case in point: Cheezy Sauce from V'con over roasted sweet potato slices, mashed pumpkin, steamed haricots verts & broccoli, sauteed chard & ginger, plus two glorious slices of homebrand garlic bread (yes, as in from the fridge section of my local Woolies - somehow it's vegan! Rejoice!). Food courtesy of l-o-mum. No picture courtesy of my awful memory. I added a fair whack of pine nuts into the sauce, just to up my protein intake (because we all know how DIFFICULT it is to get vegan protein...). It was a stellar addition, adding a lovely extra texture to the sauce, but next time I think I'll toast them first? Yes indeed.

But wait! There's more! Only, not food. Instead, shiny new kitchen things!
Haul from cute little stall called Chalet:

I found a spiralizer for $50!

Somehow, noodle-fying vegetables make 'em taste even better.

And finalllyy, for my school's semi-formal last night I volunteered to bake some vegan & gluten-free cupcakes - there's a girl in my year who can't have gluten or cocoa. I know! I'd hate being without my cocoalove. So, my original plan was to make Gluten Freedom Vanilla Cupcakes with All-Natural Agave Icingfrom VCTOW to accomodate. But on the night before the semi, I discovered that our cupboards are lacking in quinoa and brown rice flours, two very key ingreds to the said cupcakes. On the verge of a mini stress attack, I suddenly spied our packet of Orgran All Purpose Gluten Free Flour... and our newly purchased packet of Organic Carob Powder. Suddenly I was fishing all over the cupboard and joyfully discovered that we already had ALL the ingredients I needed to make...

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes! Dusted with powdered sugar, carob powder, and cinnamon. At the semi, these disappeared so quick I only got to have one - but what a ONE it was! These are seriously delish. It's sort of like a cinnamon/spicy/fudgey/brownie cupcake with a delicious crunchy border around the top which tastes AMAZING with the simple topping. If you have this recipe book, make these cupcakes.

Anyway, because of my abysmal lack of postage throughout this past week (theatre rehearsals plus school hours plus homework), I've decided to draw inspiration from my fellow bloggies for my next post - and I've got a review to post plus several new foodie dabblings of mine - and an upcoming trip to Melbourne, vegan capital of Australia! Stay tuned!

- VS.


  1. Yay, you're coming to Melbourne!!

    Those cupcakes look delicious. You should bring me some :D


  2. Haha I'm so excited! You'll have to clue me in on your favourite places to go out to eat/where I can find vegan groceries etc :) in exchange for cupcakes of course!


  3. Sorry about not being able to e-mail me my husband changed the host or something -(he's the computer guy i have no idea what he really did)- but anyways it screwed up my e-mail for right now. I will e-mail you when it is working and add you to the list

  4. Sorry you had to hear that at the pet store. It sucks when people don't think about their actions.

    Your kitchen things are adorable! Especially that peeler.

    And those cupcakes look yum!

  5. Cupcakes look great! I understand the school thing as an ol' graduate school lady!