Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When you're on a holiday...

I'm still at a total loss as to what to do with myself these holidays! Pour exemple, yesterday. I did nothing. However, this nothing was in itself pretty liberating. I never do nothing. It's kinda fun. Hopefully I'll get down to the beach today, though - there's plenty of local talent around! And by that I mean surfing talent, naturally ;)

It was cold yet AGAIN in the morning yesterday, but I was a girl on a mission. No way was I letting the weather come between me & my potential breakfast two days in a row. I whipped up some impromptu yoghurt and dang was it tasty.
Eated alongside two slices of sprouted spelt, spread with almond butter plus a mug of peppermint tea. I could post a recipe for that yog but I'd feel a bit redic. It's just silken firm tofu, mixed frozen berries and strawberry jam all blenderised together. Simple but gooood.

When lunchtime rolled around it somehow felt even COLDER. Why? Why? And so I grabbed everything comfort-esque and made a meal of it. It was messy, disgusting and delicious.
In the bowl: spinach leaves and bean sprouts (hey, when you eat something daily it's bound to become a comfort food), refried beans (from an Old El Paso can), leftover brown basmati rice, a ripped up barley tortilla wrap, brown rice & vege bites and a LOT of hummus. Mixing this stuff up with a spoon was tough. So tough I resorted to using my hands. Like I said, disgusting.
But so tasteh.

My dad got back from working at Botany (he's going back to Melbourne tonight) at around two. I was thankful for the chance to have some human contact, as I'm pretty sure watching Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf for hours on end doesn't count for being social. We talked for about an hour, and snacked on this:
I'm a pretz fan fer sure (for the record only half of those were mine!). And dried paw paw is so sweet and perfect... I'm a dried fruit aficionado, though. I love dried anything. 

Anyway, it was really welcome, that chat with my dad. I feel like although I've always known him to an extent, I actually have gotten to know him just as a person and on a whole new level, rather than just as my father. It's so weird - in a good way! I found myself thinking, Wow! So you're an actual human being, huh? I know that sounds terrible, but it was just because I guess I had always lumped him into a different category: parent. And now I find out he's just this guy. It's not disappointing, though - it's great! I feel like I understand him more and we're closer than ever. When's the first time you realised parents are people too?

So you'd think with all this extra time and all my cookbooks lying around the house here in Sydney I would get up & start cookin'. No dice, kids. I guess once I get lazy, I get reeeeally lazy. Last night's dinner was even less involved than the night before!
Udon noodles (they were fresh off the shelf, pre-cooked. All I had to do was heat them for two minutes!) combined with frozen peas, again. I covered the whole thing in five-second peanut sauce which is another case of I could post a recipe but I'd feel dumb. It's just a tablespoon of PB, covered with soy sauce and a touch of ground ginger, stirred together with a spoon. I think it could have used some chili, but it was pretty stellar just like that. Anyway, after heating my noodles and peas I added more spinny. I love me some greens.

As I'm sure you noticed, the image quality in this post is just as shocking as that in my last, thanks to my... less-than-amazing camera. But come dessert time I had a stroke of genius! My phone had a very good camera, did it not?
Voila! MUCH better. Not stellar, but at least no icky over-exposure or the like. I'll be sticking to this method of taking photos for the rest of my time in Sydney. Anyway, dessert was pretty basic but very yum. Whittaker's dark chocolate and strawbs. How can you miss?

When I see you all next, I'll have more (quality!) photos to share (and not just of food!), a recipe and some very good news! Until then, bloggies!
- VS.

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  1. There are lots of wonderful things to do in Sydney. I am sure others can tell you about the northern beaches (though I did do some very pretty bushwalks around there, if you can find out where Crater Cove is, go there, it is stunning). But you should head over to the 'right' side of the bridge (did I not say Inner West snob? I stand by it... hee) and there are so many great places to wander around and explore!

    I am just trying to live a vicarious Sydney life through other people, aren't I? ;)