Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Inadventures? Nonadventures? Whatever, it's a word now.

On the very last day of OzMoFo, I was pretty excited to get out of the house yesterday and into the city, finally! After a quick breakfast of the following (and by quick I mean slightly faster than my usual tortoise-like pace but still fairly lethargic), I chucked on a pair of jeans, singlet, keds and hoodie and threw my bag over my shoulder, waiting to be picked up by my grandparents. It was art gallery time!
Blur it up. Bowl o' fruit (nanner, kiwi, pineapple) plus a slice of plain sprouted toast. I swear that bread does not NEED any condiments, I prefer it straight-up. Granted, it was the size of one-and-a-half servings of bread, but don't my cutting skills look like they may have moved up a notch? 

Around ten in the a.m, my grandma swung by and we drove around to collect my grandpa before walking to the ferry and taking it across to Circular Quay. The boat was supah-rocky! Iused to have good sea legs... apparently not any more.

Upon arriving we started walking on up to the gallery. We passed an Iku Cafe that I desperately wanted to stop at, but my subtle hint (read: "Hey, I've heard so much about that place! Everything they sell is vegan!") didn't gel and we kept on moving. I started to feel very dizzy and just generally out of it, but told myself it was the heat and kept on truckin'.

After checking out the art at the gallery for a solid ten minutes and feeling worse by the second I decided to speak up, and the grandparents decided it was time for lunch. The cafe only had pre-made wraps so there was no cheese-free option for me, plus the upstairs restaurant didn't look promising either. So we headed across to the restaurant in the park directly opposite the gallery and were assured the chef could do something for me. Et voila, my something:
C'est tres jolie, non? I almost didn't wanna wreck it with my destructo-fork. Almost but not quite. I was sure that the impending lunch would solve my lightheadedness. I dug right in and revelled in the simple tastes of roasted eggplant, bell pepper, spanish onion, tomato and zucchini. I'm pretty sure that's all it was, with some olive oil. But I was so not complaining. I'd missed my plain roasted veg mucho since arriving in Sydney and this really quenched my thirst. Whetted my appetite. You know, whichever. But it didn't entirely substantiate a meal since it was just a few glorified veggies so I downed the last of my Larabar supply:
Sad to see it go. Time for another stock-up, methinks? Any fave flavas you wanna clue me in on? I've tried everything except Tropical Fruit Tart, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Peanut Butter Cookie, Lemon Bar, Pistachio, and Coconut Cream Pie. Oh and I've tried all the Jocalats apart from Hazelnut, German Chocolate Cake, Orange and Cherry.

Anyway. After lunching we got up to leave... and hey presto, my head spun right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round. Sorry. But it did. I did try to suck it up and enjoy the gallery for about another hour, and we saw some amazing prints from their "Prints in the time of Romanticism" exhibit, but after that I had to draw the line and we got a cab home. Only on the way back did I suddenly realise what this dizziness probably meant.

When I thought of it, I hadn't had much sodium at all and probably have almost reversed all the good work I did on jacking up the old BP. Nice one, Liz. I was bedridden with utter exhaustion the whole rest of the day, abruptly ending my city escapades and thus producing an unadventure. So obviously, to accompany my Gossip Girl-ing (what ELSE would I do stuck in bed all afternoon?) I needed a salty salty snack.
Pretz + hummdog = loves. During the time in which this snack was consumed I finished season two of my beloved GG. Sorry to spoil for anyone who hasn't seen, but in the last ep (if you're not up to this restrain yourself from reading!) I literally JUMPED OUTTA MY CHAIR when Chuck told Blair he loved her. I said "Yay" times a million and got so excited that it's probably sad, considering this is over a tv show and all. Can't wait to start season three now!

After two consecutive nights of almost-recipes for dinner I decided I was allowed to be even lazier and just have savory lentils from a can plus greens and corn bread. Yes, I suck, I'm aware of it. I should be cooking up fantabulous feasts for you all to marvel at! But thing is, my step-mum and my dad have spent mucho moolah on convenience foods for the vegan and I feel pretty obliged to use it all. So I'm a girl on a mission. 
There ARE lentils under my garlicky spinach, that's not just a massive hunka corn bread! But I totally could eat a slice that big. Corn bread is way too good. Probably all that delicious raw sugar. I've been having a very unbalanced diet of late. Gotta get that sorted out... hmm. I'll be back on track 100% come Monday at least, since I'll be back in Brissy. Dessert was semi-healthy bc of the guilt that comes from essentially eating glorified cake for dinner:
Hehe, see what I did there? I'm *so* funny. Apple slices, with cinnamon and AB. And salt. I ain't going to no hospital. The salt added a surprising pleasantness, actually. I recommend trying cinn + salt on fruit. With the nut butter of your choice. Speaking of which, I need to try and make some nut butters of my own when I get home to my darling food processor!

Until tomorrow, my loves! The REAL MoFo begins - maybe I'll actually post more this time, sans exam block!
- VS


  1. Hey, there's nothing wrong with corn bread for dinner. It's got corn in it!

    Keep up the salt and don't get sick!!

  2. hey Liz,

    i am loving your blog. you've really inspired me to eat more vegan food . make sure you eat more salt!

  3. that dish looks like a work of art! :)

    you really help me and motivate me to add more sodium, as i am sucking in that department of my meal plan :/ eh...stupid salt fear wtf!

    great idea to add more with AB salt and cinnamon on apple! and hummus too yum. your doing so well at it! and def salt verse hospital id take salt any day..keep going strong lovie! ur amazing.


  4. hey Liz :)
    love that cinn roll lara bar, any flavs to try hmm well the coconut is amazing!! and so is the pistachio, those 2 are my top favs, but cashew cookie is my number 1 :)
    love your eats that dish looks so beautiful.
    i need to add sodium/salt back into my diet, :/ i dont want to end up in a hospital with a stroke, it is so dangerous, and you are such a inspiration lovie and great idea with the apple and almond butter, sounds delicious!


  5. I hope you enjoyed being in Sydney :)

    That vege stack looks delicious and it's great they could make a vegan meal for you.

  6. If you can find any flavours in Sydney other than the usual (pistachio, jocolat chocolate, pecan pie, cinnamon roll, key lime pie) send some to me in Melbourne :)

    Hahahha I wish they had banana bread and coconut here :(

    If you need to add more salt, maybe try vegemite on toast? If you like it, I think it's pretty good sodium wise (good for you, not too high, but high enough). Try it out.

    Good luck