Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MoFo #2 - My goodies

Remember how it was my seventeenth birthday last month? Well, I acquired a veritable cash-stash from said festivity. I decided to blow it all on some overseas goodies, and cookbooks too (but the books don't arrive till next month).

I ordered a few things that could have gone melty and just plain YUCK whilst shipping, so I was on tenterhooks for about four days, wondering if my packages were lost, damaged or scared. Finally, box number the first arrived, containing this:
Above, the cutest darn thing you ever did see.
I now eat every meal out of this bowl. Well, except for school lunches, of course. But everrrything else goes in the Vegan Bowl. I love it - probably more than a person should love a bowl.

Anyway, the next day, box number the second turned up on my front porch. And this is what was in it:
Health Valley Amaranth Graham Crackers, Ricemellow Creme, Dandies, PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Living Nutz Rawzins, Sweet & Sara Rocky Road Bark, Road's End Cheddar Chreese, Chik-Flavoured Minit Meat (for my seitan-worshipping sister's benefit), and LOTS of LARABARS :)
See them? They're mine. Alllll mine. Sometimes I open the cupboard and just look at them, and smile. There aren't that many of them left now, though. So far I've eaten...
Pecan Pie: This was very nice and moist and yum. I said to my mum, "I've never had pecan pie... but this is exactly what it tastes like. I just know."
Cashew Cookie: Now THIS was good. I literally felt like I was eating a cookie. Cookies are pretty golden in my book. It had big chunks of cashews in it, mmm.
Cherry Pie: I've read a lot of bloggers who like to bash the sh!t out of Cherry Pie. I don't get it. This is probably the best flavour in the whole entire world. No, it's not as sweet as a piece of candy... quit being a five year old and eat your freakin' Larabar. Tartness = goodness. And I just found out The Cruelty Free Shop stock this flavour now, along with Cinnamon Roll and Key Lime Pie (which are also both awesome)! Guess who put in a bulk order...
Jocalat Chocolate: Well, the label said chocolate and it delivered what it promised. I felt like I was eating junkfood, not always a good thing when you've got a not-so-healthy outlook on food/eating/your body, a la moi, though I'm trying to rectify this. But it was tasty, definitely.
Ginger Snap: Literally just finished eating this. Super flavourful and spicyyy, in a very good good way. So far I've yet to meet a Larabar I didn't like.

Anyway, I'd been living in vegan snackfood HEAVEN for a few days, basking in the glory of graham crackers which I've now become addicted to but I've never seen sold anywhere in AUS. I thought my vappiness (read: vegan-happiness, but it sounds icky, doesn't it?) had reached an untoppable peak. How WRONG I was. There I was at Mrs. Flannery's, doing my thang on Super Saver Saturday, when I happened to glance towards the freezer and saw...
Vegasm. Holymotherofcow. I've only tried the Mint Choc Chip Flavour so far, but dayyummm Africa it was so good.

Okay. That's enough of my consumeristic bragging, now. There's a food post in the works for later today, I promise, so keep your eyes peeled!

What's the best vegan packaged product you've ever tried? Or if you're in Australia, what's one that you've always heard about and are DYING to try?

- VS


  1. Yum! What an awesome package!

    Oh, and dearest Liz:
    If you want, leave your email when you comment on my blog so I can comment back :)

  2. I love larabars too!
    They're so good. It's hard to believe how healthy they are!

    A store near my house stocks tofutti cuties, now I'm really tempted to try them.

  3. Tofutti cuties! I haven't had one of those in ages. My other favourite vegan snack from the US was Rice Dream Sandwiches, or rice milk ice cream, between two chewy ginger cookies, and coated in vegan chocolate. Mint was fab, as was mocha. Aw yum.

  4. What a gorgeous bowl (and package...lara bars are awesome)! I just heard that one of our stores in Auckland has just starting stocking tofutti cuties...must go and get some now!

  5. Wait, Amy, why are tofutti cuties healthy? I thought they were just the usual combination of delicious but crappy things?

    I really want to try vegan fish fingers, which I saw for sale and couldn't justify because they were so expensive. My favourite vegan packaged product (so far!) is Fry's Vegetarian Schnitzel. I love crumbed deliciousness.

  6. What a great haul. Where did you order them from? Not everywhere will post overseas. Which makes me sad.

    I am sure there are many products I wish I could try, but my mind is drawing a complete blank! I am keen to get my hands on some of the baking and decorating stuff they seem to have - butterscotch chips, hundreds and thousands, all the lollies that I could be using to decorate cupcakes. I want them. ;)

    Actually, I wish we could get Sheese more easily in Australia. It is way better than Cheezly, but has limited availability over here.

  7. I've been searching for Tofutti Cuties for about 3 years! Will have to check Mrs Flannery's again. I want the Chicago Soy Dairy's Teese (Mozarella) and Dandies (Marshmallows). At least I have Cheezly and Angel Food to tide me over.

  8. Susan: Thanks! I got the bowl from cosmosveganshoppe.com and the food stash from veganessentials.com. The shipping was pretty quick but MUY expensive - I never would have bought that stuff if I wasn't completely cashed-up from my birthday. We're talking, that bowl cost US $16 and the shipping brought it up to more like US $60. Even worse for my food pack! But it was worth it :)

    Amy: I thought I'd never ever find them, too! Apparently Flannery's at Chermside is getting MORE frozen goods in, too :)

  9. That bowl is lovely, I would eat every meal out of it if I had one too!

    And yum to all the vegan treats, I love the pecan pie Larabars and my fave vegan treat are TINGS!!!

  10. hey liz,
    thanks for the comment on my blog, ur too sweet. and love ur blog! i am going to follow u :) anyways, love tofutti cuties, coffee ones and mint are so good, but the vanilla ones juts bring back so many memories of childhood! and laras=love :) i have tried every single flavor except the 3 new ones( :( ) i own them but something is holding me back..but i am determined to have them soon. my goal this year after leaving iP was to try all the flavors and i did by 5 months :) sometimes i feel like its a treat because they are so good especially like the more decedent ones but they are so healthy. that bowl is so darling! love it!


  11. i am a aussie and not a vegan but i do have to admit cherry pie lara was like was of the bestest tasting things ever we don't have a huge choice but they are heavon