Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I think maybe, when I'm on holidays, my brain goes on to auto-pilot. Only my auto-pilot sucks.

Yesterday started out like any other, really - except I had a larger-than-usual sugar craving. Sup with that? I ain't one to ignore signs, though, so for breakfast I had more than my fair share of sweetness.
Good old reliable wholemeal bread with a mashed banana, plus a mug full of soymilk & froot loops! Man, I hadn't had junky cereal in such a long long time, and this really hit. the. SPOT.

Next thing I know my step-mum's outtie to meditation class and I volunteer to walk Billy, their (our? my?) dog. Bills and I are fully tight and all, but he is a hefty six-year-old staffy who weighs more than half of me, all pure muscle. I was a tad apprehensive about this walking expedition, especially since I had a long black coffee in one hand. But, I'd promised, so I got walking. It was pretty pleasant - Billy didn't drag me all over the place like I thought he might, and my cuppa didn't spill once! The only not-pleasant part was the part where B decided to take a very very big doo-doo right on a grassy curb in the middle of a very public place with lots of people watching, which I then of course had to scoop up. Thanks Bill.

Anyway, I returned to the house with Billy and my step-mum was still at her class, so I whipped out my phone to read the memo I'd written to myself that contained the combination to the lock on the front door. I punched it in... and nothing doing. I figured, oh well, I'd rather go for another walk anyway. I'm sure when I come back it'll open properly, or maybe Samantha will be home by then.

So, I headed straight back out to Harbord Growers. Let me tell you something, kidlets: I LOVE that place. There is an entire freezer full of Syndian vegan products, EIGHT different brands of hummus, and fifteen shelves entirely dedicated to dried fruit & nuts. It's what VS dreams are made of. Did I mention their deli also does an awesome chickpea & pumpkin salad? After spending a good two hours browsing (I love grocery shopping a bit too much...) I filled a basket with baba ghanoush, apple-cinnamon tapioca pudding, tabbouleh from the deli, an avocado, Syndian lentil bites and cinnamon cashews and walked home. 

No car was in the driveway, so I tried the doorbell in case Sam had parked in the garage. No answer. So again I pulled out my phone and punched in the lock code. It still wouldn't open. Fail. I tried calling my dad, but in vain. I didn't have Samantha's number. My cold groceries were meellllting. I was locked out!

I quickly dashed down the side of the house and put my groceries in the cooler, mercifully open laundry. Upon doing this, I spotted the side door and tried it to see if it'd been left open. Nope. However, there was Billy's dog door... but just a word of caution, bloggies: human shoulders are too wide for such openings. Do not try to squeeze your way through. You'll get stuck and look ridiculous.

And so I sat and sat and sat. Lucky Billy was there to keep me company. At one point, I was sitting up on a chair and he was on the floor at my feet, looking lonely. I decided to get down on the concrete and join him. As soon as I sat down next to him, he jumped up onto my just-abandoned chair and looked at me smugly. You win, Bill. I did manage to take an incriminating photo of him licking out a nostril though, so I can blackmail him into giving back my chair should this event ever repeat itself:
And yet he is still utterly adorable. How? If you got a pic of me doing that I'd look a few (dozen!) sandwiches short of a picnic. Ah well.

After about an hour my phone rang. It was my dad. Our conversation went something like this.
Dad: You're locked out?
Me: Yeah! I have the code, but the door hates me and won't open.
Dad: You need to press the first key really hard so it clicks.
Me: That's what I've been doing but it's still not working :( (yes, I can communicate emoticons through tone of voice)
Dad: Punch it in again.
Me: *sigh* Okay...
Dad: Now turn the lock REALLY hard.
Me: ... Oh. Um. Thanks Dad!

So classically me, this. Getting "locked out" because I wasn't turning the lock hard enough. What's your worst or most shameful "locked out" story? Trying not to feel very embarrassed indeed, I put my sweating groceries away in the fridge and made my rumbling belly some much-needed lunch! I wanted more salad than carbs, given the day before's redic comfort bowl.
Spinach, red bell pepper, carrot, bean sprouts, broccoli slaw, pickles, tabbouleh. Topped off with Syndian lentil bites and delish baba ghanoush. That stuff is just as addictive as hummus!

After the morning's adventure I was more than happy to retire to an episode or four of Gossip Girl. So, I grabbed some Cinnamon Cashews to accompany my viewing, continuing my sugar kick from breakfast.
Woaah, blurry enough? Let me just say: if you live in Sydney you NEED to buy these now. The company (I'll post their name later!) makes a range of flavoured nuts but these are the only ones I saw that are vegan. Others contain honey, milk powder, etc which is a shame because they also make Indian Chai Almonds. Dang. Maybe I can try making my own at home in Brissy?

After GG my step-mum was home and she suggested a marathon of taped TV shows that I am too wussy to stay awake for (ie. anything on past nine - I know, I'm hopeless). I skipped off to find more sweet, tooth-decaying eats and returned to the couch with my Apple-Cinnamon Tapioca to watch The Vampire Diaries, Little Britain USA, and Nurse Jackie (purely because of Peter Facinelli).
This was GOOOOD. So good! I'd never had tapioca before apart from in Bubble Tea but of course I never ATE the balls and assumed they'd be hard (yes, I know what I just wrote). But they're not! They're all squishy and soft and this tasted incroyable (I know, I know, I'm trying to be mature and not giggle out loud at what I'm writing and failing miserably). I inhaled this! There was another flavour on the shelf next to it, I think it was Coconut Cream or something. Definitely on my to-try list!

During the marathon, l-o-mum called! She and o-sis are now back in the country and very tired and laden with merch from Kyoto. They loved it over there and are talking about how to adopt the Japanese way of life! Mum's seriously figuring out how we can go grocery shopping on bicycles. I'm a little apprehensive, I ain't gonna lie. I am ALL for enviro-friendly living, and I know usually we don't buy much at Woolworths (we get organic local produce delivered) but I LOVE grocery shopping and, well, simply lack co-ordination on a bike. There are hills around the supermarket. I'm sure I'd end up dead if I tried riding around there, much less with a basket full of groceries! 

Oh well. After I got off the phone, Dad had returned home and was waiting for a taxi to take him to his flight to Melbourne. I was a little sad, to tell the truth. I wanted more time with him seeing as we were getting to bond so much. But he'll be back late on Friday night, and then on Saturday he's taking me to see Wicked! I'm so excited; I've wanted to see this musical for literally three and a half years now. It's a late birthday present :) and yesterday I was told some even BETTER news! Well, at least EQUALLY GOOD news.

Susan strongly suggested I get myself to The Green Gourmet in Newtown. Well, guess who's going there for dinner after the show on Saturday!? I'm super happy, I've wanted to check this place out for soooo long. Can't wait to try their Sweet and Sour Taro! (Yes, I did download a PDF of their menu). But I'm even MORE excited to go crazy in The Vegan's Choice Grocery right next door! My step-mum has told me I can take frozen/cold stuff back to Brisbane with me in a wine cooler, so I'm not gonna hold back!

Come dinnertime, I knew I wanted cornbread. Luckily I'd made up my Orgran packet mix of it that afternoon. I felt like Neil Buchanan on Art Attack!, you know, here's one I prepared earlier type of thing. I sliced up that big ol' block of yella and made some VERY quick Maple-Mustard tofu. Again with the not-recipes? I just whisked 10g dijon mustard with a tbsp. pure maple syrup and browned my cubed tofu in a hot skillet for a while, before adding my sauce and allowing it to caramelize while my cornbread heated up in the microwave. Once that was done I scooped it on to my plate with a heap of tabbouleh. Mixed cuisines, anyone?
Superyum, though. The cornbread was SO thick and rich and the tofu cooked up nicely. I felt a bit naughty eating so much sugar for dinner. But I promised myself, dessert will be different. 
Well - it is KINDA. No refined sugars as such. Just fructose. Heavenly, heavenly fructose. 

With the promise of eating lunch out tomorrow (going to the art gallery with my grandparents) I headed to bed, but not before one last ep of GG. Loves it.

- VS


  1. The cinnamon cashews look soooo good, I wish they had them here in Melbourne!! I'll have to try and find them.

    Wicked is a really good musical, I saw it twice when it was here, and met the leads :)

    When you go there, get your dad to sneakily buy you an Ozmopolitan. It's a green slushie thing that I kept the cup of, because I was too young to drink it!! The cup lights up.

    Hahaha I'm such a nerd.

    Have fun in Sydney,

  2. All that food looks really good. I've never tried fruit loops...looks like a cup of coloured sugar! Awesome!

    So jealous you're going to see Wicked! Wish that would come here...

  3. I want to see Wicked too!

    The locked out story seems like something I would probably do. ;)