Friday, September 25, 2009

Hola from Sydney!

Okay, so here's how my week played out - on Tuesdee morn', my nanna took me to the GP to check up on the old blood pressure. Good news: it's up ten points so no hospital for me yet! Bad news: Doc thought being at theatre camp was going to be a bit of a danger to me, in terms of falling back into some less-than-stellar eating habits (or lack thereof) which is the last thing anybody wants. So he said, don't go back. It's a shame because my mum forked out a lot of dough for me to go to the camp, but tbh I honestly wasn't enjoying it very much anyway, and was kind of glad to leave. No clue why - I used to love it! Maybe the immense focus on theatre at my school has taken the fun out of it. Not good. Anyway, after going home I was alone since l-o-mum and o-sis are in Kyoto as I'm typing this, and my dad, bless him, decided he wouldn't have that at all (although I wouldn't have minded a little solitary time) especially not in light of me being at risk of a relapse. So it was onto a plane to Sydney that night, and I've been staying with my step-mum ever since since dad's been in Melbourne working all week. He's home now, though!

Whew, that was a lot. So far my time in Sydney has been amazing, food-wise! My step-mum was kind enough to buy a ton of vegan stuff for me - she got falafel bites, brown rice & veggie bites, Aussie-style burger patties, chickpea & pumpkin salad, lebanese lentil salad and mini avocado nori rolls! And that was all even before we went grocery shopping. Now I'm totally stocked up on chickpeas, hummus (love!), fresh dates, fruit, wholemeal tortillas, quinoa, you name.

I decided to make Isa's Cashew-Pineapple-Quinoa stirfry from V'con but unfortunately by the time I remembered to take photos we were clean out. It was an instant hit :)

I've also eaten out at Yok again (I got Tom Yum this time!) and Emilia's, a vegetarian restaurant near South Curl Curl Beach with a LOT of vegan options - highly recommend, kids! PS. If you love you some hummus the way I do, get the Lebanese Platter as a main. Half the plate is covered in the stuff. The other half is covered in baba ghanoush. It's all topped with tabbouleh, falafel, dolmades, carrots, cucumber, tomato, jalapeno, olives and tzatziki (not vegan, I avoided it). Served with a side bowl full of lebanese bread = deeeelish. They also do a vegan apple "crumble" (basically baked apple topped with brown sugary oats, very tasty though) and have chocolate/vanilla soy ice cream too. Very naaaiice.

So, to make up for my abysmal lack of photographs I resolved to snap shots of EVERYTHING that passes my chops (excluding boring things like water or if I chew my fingernails or something) until I leave Sydney. Okay, okay, it's ambitious, but I think I should be able to do it! 

To start things off, today's eats...

When I woke up, it was cold. What gives? It's supposed to be Spring, therefore warming up! Unfortunately it's been chilly and windy here in Sydney and I packed attire such as singlets, shorts and bikinis. Sigh. Thank goodness for my obsession with black tights - they've kept me warm. Anyway, I had been planning on making tofu yoghurt for brekkie, but there was just no *way* I could stand to this morning. I needed comfort in a bowl, pronto. I needed warmth. I needed carbs. I needed mushy, microwaved bran straw cereal with hot soymilk & melted banana. 
With a healthy dollop of almond butter. Me loves. Oh, and sorry about the shoddy image quality again, everyone. Sis and mum have the nice camera.
Anyway, after downing that in 5.4 seconds flat (seriously! I'm normally a very sloooow eater but not this morning, apparently) I opted for a very badly-cut, toasted slice of Pure Life's Essene Sprouted Spelt Bread.
I wasn't kidding about the "badly-cut" bit. Hey, is it my fault if the knife is blunt? No. However I do think maybe slicing heavy breads is a talent I lack. Eating them, however, is an entirely different matter. I've fallen crazy in love with this bread. It's as decadent and filling and moist as a piece of cake, only not sweet and a million trillion times better for you. If that made sense at all, to anyone.

Lunch was at the boat club that my grandparents are members of. They were a little worried I wouldn't be able to get anything, but I assured them I can find SOMETHING anywhere. And I was right! Whilst the fam chowed down on Lobster Mornay, I stuffed this down my gullet: 
Salad & avocado sandwich on verrrry thick toasted white bread. I know, refined grains - boo hiss. But it was all they had, and much and all as white bread ain't good for ya (I never eat it, ever!) it tastes gooood. Oh so fluffy. There was a tad too much avo on my sammich, so I took some off. It came with a side of crunchy slaw topped with a very yumlicious mustard-balsamic dressing.

I spent the afternoon lazing. Translate: I spent the afternoon on Facebook playing Farmville. Dear god I can't believe I just admitted that... if you don't know what Farmville is, do yourself a favor and do NOT google it. Much like my pre-Gossip Girl-addict days, I once scoffed at the idea that a silly virtual farming game could ever suck me in to its vortex. How wrong I was.

Anyway, my sammie was decidedly protein-free and so I needed beans. Or that was my pitiful attempt at justifying a big ol' glob of hummus, anyway.
Alongside carrot sticks and salsa from an Old El Paso quesadilla kit, plus a nice li'l ramekin of pineapple chunks & a medjool date. Nom.

Come evening, my dad and step-mum had decided they were going to get Chinese takeout. I was a little apprehensive at the idea of asking yet more questions... "is there fish stock in this?" so I opted to cook up something super simple for myself. Not wanting to miss out on the cuisine, I grabbed some brown basmati rice, red bell pepper, mushrooms, peas and nasi goreng seasoning sauce and whipped up some very non-authentic fried rice...
... and topped it with a delish Eatwell satay burger patty. And I LOVED it!  The neutral savory taste of the burger cut through the super-spicy goreng sauce perfectly! Who'da thunk it?

My palate still quite spiced-up and peppery, I knew there was only one thing I wanted for dessert. Are ya ready kids?
Banana soft serve in all its creamy, icy, sweet glory! I was actually craving sugary goodness more than usual, so I mixed a few Dandies into my nanner (which I know you probably can't see due to the ridiculous over-exposure of this shot. My camera needs to be replaced, stat!) Seriously, I know evvverryone and their mama posts about this stuff - but that should be an indication to all those who haven't tried it yet: FREEZE A BANANA AND BLEND IT ALREADY. Yumtastic.

So, tomorrow: another all-encompassing post! It'll be a pretty lazy day, I think - no eating out or the like. I may just order vegan pizza... but more about that later. I'm finding that much and all as I looove lazy holidays I'm getting a bit bored! What do you do to shake holiday boredom?

Look forward to hearing from everyone - and to another day of snapping pics of all my food!

- VS


  1. All your food looks and sounds fantastic. Yep, banana softserve is the best, easiest thing ever.

    Hmmm, I'm no good at relaxing holidays. Most of the holidays I have are for a sports event or something similar so I can't help you there!

    Look after yourself :)

  2. Glad to hear your good health news. The food looks yummy.

  3. Ah, beloved Sydney! I love it and miss it so. I never really spent any time on the northern beaches, so it is always exciting to hear about vegan friendly places over that side. Maybe one day I'll get there on a holiday. Normally though I am firmly anchored in the Inner West. Yes, I am an Inner West snob, and I am proud of it. ;) If you get a chance - Green Palace in Newtown does great vegan Thai (just try the pineapple friend rice - also the pad thai).

    I am glad that you managed to avoid a hospital trip - that would not have been fun.