Saturday, September 19, 2009

Calm before the storm...

That's kind of what today felt like! After two weeks of crazed assessment and stressful exams, I spent the entire day reading, writing and Gossip Girl watching (by the way, I'm so glad I'm not alone in my guilty pleasures, TV-wise at least - I seriously encourage you all to watch GG though! It didn't grab me at first either but on a friend's advice I persevered, and well... now... Hi, my name is Liz, and I'm a Gossip Girl-a-holic). I'm now up to Season Two and seriously wish I was an Upper East Sider :) 

Anyway, my day's reading did not consist of Harry Potter or even Twilight. No, I lazed around on the couch reading blogs and MY THREE NEW COOKBOOKS!

That's right, they've finally arrived - actually I use the word "finally" loosely since they're about half a month earlier than I expected. So now I'm the proud owner of Veganomicon, Vegan with a Vengeance, and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I am feelin' the Moskowitz/Romero love.

So, inspired by all the delicious-looking recipes I got cooking. First up I made Isa's plain ol' Pancakes recipe from VWAV for myself and mum. I tend to dodge the oil in recipes and cut it out where possible, but I wanted to taste the authentic VWAV pancake taste and fully planned to use it. However, out of sheer habit my brain switched to low-fat mode and I forgot to put it in! It didn't matter though, as you can see. These two (well, one and three quarters) pancakes are the sorry, sad final ones of the batch...
And I totally ate them. They were reeee-dic.

For lunch, I was feeling a little more lethargic and less inspired. I vaguely skimmed the Garlicky Kale with Tahini Dressing recipe in VWAV but couldn't be bothered to actually follow it. Instead I just sauteed a clove of garlic, added the kale and some water and whisked some tahini & balsamic vinegar together. We're running WAY low on produce and haven't stocked up since I'm off to Theatre Residency tomorrow and my mum and sister are jetting off to Japan. So my lunch choices were limited to say the least... but I scrounged up some mushrooms and red pepper and grilled them, then finished off the couscous and added some chickpeas to my kale/tahini dressing mix and put it in my fave bowl.
In the background, salt. I've been having a LOT of salt on my doctor's orders of late. Apparently my blood pressure has decided to be 85/60 and continue dropping. Boo. Sodium = hypertension instead of current hyPOtension. I have a check-up on Tuesday morn' part way through my theatre camp, at which time it will be determined if I need to go to hospital. Uh, no thanks. I hate hospitals. Pass the salt.

Speaking of which: what's the weirdest food-related piece of medical advice you've ever received, or heard of? Not that getting told to eat sodium to increase blood pressure is weird as a general thing, it's just that I never eat much salt at all anyway so it's a vaiiir big change. I'm guzzling down the H20.

I think my cooking enthusiasm continued to dwindle throughout the day because I chose a very lazy dinner recipe, albeit one that my family loves. Tempeh nuggets recipe hier!
Mmm, tempeh. So different from tofu, which I also love. I could never say which I love more.
I do tend to modify the recipe for these quite a bit, though. Because never once have we had ALL the required spices. Tonight's impro brought to you by thyme, coriander and cardamom. Served alongside boiled beetroot, stir-fry greens, and mashed avocado. And salt. I think the shaker trembles when it sees me coming. It knows I do not come in peace.

Anyway, tomorrow the storm begins! I pack for theatre camp, which involves packing up several of the lovely sweets I bought from the States a while back. I haven't sample the Dandies yet! 

It'll be, oh, about a week before I post again. Sorry! No internet access at theatre residency :( and when I do return, expect product reviews, LOTS of vegan eating out, plus Isa Chandra goodness! Not to mention crappy photos, since mum and sis are taking the "good" camera to Japan and I'm stuck with the crummy old one (that happens to be mine). Oh well, better than nuttin', right?

- VS

ps. Also tried Banana Soft Serve this week! It was incredible... but that's a story for another day ;)


  1. those pancakes look so good, i always skimp on oil in recipes as well...but yours still look perfect! and that salad i am so making that, love the ingredients...
    sodium yes ahh my blood pressure is 80/50 so low, i have been trying to eat more sodium, its so hard, i feel like i have a sodium/salt phobia :/ but its not good for either of us to have such a low blood pressure that is ike a 4-6 year olds...well anyways banana soft serve is amazing! cant wait to see your post on that!


  2. nommm pancakes! :) i tend to cut out oil from all recipes too...but a few months back i actually used olive oil and i felt so proud :) but those panackes as u said look reddiiiiic so good! and that salad i am so re-creating looks so good, right up my ally of kinda foods i love to eat;)

    ahh salt blood pressure was so low 80/50 it is so scary, i guess salt over hospital any day! but still i ahve a sodium fear. why??? i dont know..i need to have more salt, a huge goal for myself.

    banana soft serve is so good!

    thanks for ur sweet comments on my post, sending u lots of love!


  3. I had pancakes for breakfast this morning!

    They weren't from a recipe book though, my mum and I made up a recipe that are YUMMMMM. Using oats etc, it's like porridge in pancake form!

    Yours look awesome though.

  4. For supposedly lazy meals, the veggies and the tempeh both look pretty great. And yum to pancakes, I love that recipe!

  5. Great looking food! I love those three cookbooks - they will definitely not do you wrong!

    Have a great time at camp. I hope your BP behaves itself!

  6. Theatre camp? Sounds like awesome fun. That tempeh looks divine. Will have to try out that recipe. Nothing wrong with lazy meals...