Sunday, September 13, 2009

Almond Joy

Operation Pecalmond didn't go so well today. I only had almonds and breakfast & lunch, before running out of creativity just in time for dinner and resorting to stir-fry vegetables and falafels (always a favourite). 

Nonetheless, I tried out a really nice almond-y bowl for breakfast from an old recipe booklet from La Mancha Health Retreat that my step-mum gave me when she learned I'd gone veg. She said she'd been there and it was really cool, apparently they only use pure, whole ingredients for each day's menu that they grow & harvest themselves, all organic. I'd had my eye on this "recipe" for a few days and was pretty much dying to try it out. My Pecalmond pursuits gave me the perfect excuse!
It was really fantastic - the almonds weren't raw like I usually have, but dry-roasted which gave a nice almost smoky kind of flavour, and the banana melted through and caramelized the entire thing. Note the quotation marks around the word recipe above - it's not all that hard to whip up just from looking at the picture. But here's what the booklet says:
Banana Almond Breakfast for one: 308 cals
1 serve cooked brown rice (I used basmati)
1 large banana, chopped
10 almonds

Melt the banana (either in the microwave or on the stovetop). Grind or process the almonds until they are in small pieces. Mix the banana & almonds through the rice and serve hot.

See what I mean? Not exactly rocket science.

Anyway, lunch was my usual massive Hugh Jass salad (too hugh jass for my little vegan bowl!) - consisting of shredded spinach, cukes, red bell pepper, celery, raw corn, steamed carrot & zucchini, sun dried tomato, roasted eggplant, chickpeas, almonds (yay!), goji berries, brown basmati rice (again, I was feelin' the rice today) and a little cilantro to garnish :)
The almonds are under there, somewhere...

But like I said, unfortunately Operation Pecalmond has effectively failed, since I didn't manage to finish either the almonds or the pecans. In fact, due to my Larabar snackage I haven't even finished the dried fruit salad or apricot bites! Ah well - at least I made a decent dint in everything, right?

And just so you all know - I did actually stick to my word and stop studying after midday today. It's been a bit tough - I kind of really want to pull out my books and cram before my exams tomorrow (English and French) - but I promised, and I keep my promises. I loved reading about all the wonderful things your teachers have done for you and how they've impacted you! You've all been very blessed to know such amazing mentors - much in the same way I'm blessed to have a principal who cares so much about me.

At least I got about five hours of revision in this morning! Phew, it was a lot to do all at once... but afterwards I got to laze around watching Gossip Girl (up to Season 2 now!), so all's well that ends well. Does anyone else watch Gossip Girl? If not, what's the trashiest guilty pleasure you've got - TV show or otherwise? I'll happily admit to being a newborn GG addict, but much like my Twilight habit, there's no way I'll ever try and convince anyone that it's a justified habit or anything more than completely insipid... but it's sooo fun to watch just the same ;)

I probably won't post for the next two days due to exams - but after that all I have to worry about is Math (eek!) and I'm sure I'll have SOMETHING interesting to share. Until then, lovelies!

xo xo (sorry, couldn't resist)


  1. love the idea of brown rice as a grain for breakfast, i have had quinoa for breakfast with nuts and dried fruits but i am definitely going to be making your oat recipe soon, it sounds and looks delicious!


  2. love almonds! raw, slivered, chopped or almond butter...all my loves ;) so versatile too, in savory dishes too, i once had an almond crusted veggie burger at a vegetarian restaurant in was amazing, i need there recipe haha. well..
    good luck on the exams! i hate math, just thinking about it, is making me anxious :/


  3. Good luck with your exams! I've never seen gossip girl, but I just recently started watching Australian Idol, which makes me want to hang my head in shame!

  4. Good luck with your exams...try not to stress too much 'cause it sounds like you've put in tons of work. Your salad looks gorgeous by the way :)

  5. Good luck with your exams!

    I watched the first episode or two of GG, but it didn't grab me. Because I am on call all different nights every week I can rarely commit to a weekly show on TV, so a show has to be super amazing and then I will download it. I did get quite addicted to The OC at one point, though. LOL.

  6. Beautiful big bowl of salad! Yum yum yum.