Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vague-n eats & URL fallacies

Alright, so in light of recent events (aka my 17th birthday) - I cannot claim to be vegan, sixteen any longer. However, my blog is stuck at sixteen and much like a cruelty-free, veg-loving, cyberspace Peter Pan, it will never grow up.

That said! Boy do I have a lot, and I mean a LOT to blog about.

The aforementioned 17th birthday encompassed a humble sleepover party during which there was a half-hour trip to the local cemetery (a desperate and actually effective bid to rid me of my absolutely paralyzing fear of cemeteries/tombstones) and not a cake, so much as a stack of Oreos stuck together with organic natural peanut butter and sprinkled with candy stars. Which I gleefully dunked in soymilk.
Unfortunately, no pictures :(

Then today! My mother, sister and I went out to West End's The Forest Cafe to celebrate some pretty stellar grades. I'd googled "vegan cafes brisbane" frantically last night and was really enthusiastic about trying this one. We planned to go for morning tea and obviously it's very difficult to get vegan morning tea unless you're in a specifically vegan cafe (unless you really love fruit salad - which I do! - but this was a spesh occasion, yanno?). As soon as we arrived, I wished we were staying for lunch.
The menu abounded with tofu, tempeh and veggie burgers. There was pasta bake with a pastry crust, ratatouille, "beefless" pies, coconut chickpea curry, tofu potato dahl, beet salad and more - and all of it vegan.

Oh, not to mention the selection of vegan cakes. Blueberry swirl, beetroot chai, they all looked incredible to me. But then, hidden right behind the drinks fridge, one lonely cake caught my eye...
Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It was like someone had asked me my two most favourite things in the world and made the dessert of my dreams.
So, we ordered two slices. My sister had one, and mum and I split a piece. We also shared a really fantastic soy vanilla milkshake.

Again, I am apologetically pictureless. However, we've vowed to visit The Forest again on Thursday - yay for the Ekka holiday! And we're also keen to take a look at the nearby Cupcake Parlour, who happen to do vegan cupcakes :D

So once more, dreadfully sorry for the lack of visual food porn. Next post, this changes!
I have exciting things to show you, things like candy, homemade ice cream, ekka eats, and oh so much more.

And for those of you who live in Brisbane...


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  1. Liz! You are the sweetest girl ever!!!!

    (And you're so lucky to live in Australia! I've always wanted to go.)