Sunday, August 16, 2009

I think I'm turning veg-a-nese

I feel like how parents must feel when their kid does something really commendable, like earning the first gold star of the year from their teacher.Why, I hear you ask? Well, today (okay - actually last Thursday just gone, but bear with me here - yes, this is a back-log post) I went out to The Forest Cafe with my mum and sister, for lunch. We each ordered a burger: my mum got tempeh, my sister Rebecca opted for the veggie patty, and I got tofu. It was pretty darn delicious!
Me: Hey sis. Want a bite of my tofu burger?
Sis: You know I don't like tofu.
Me: Aw, c'mon. You've never had really well-done tofu before, just the watery unflavoured kind!
Sis: Ahh. Fine...

20 minutes later, all our burgers were finished and our bellies were full. But the tofu remained on my little sister's mind.

Sis: I think I want to go vegetarian.
Me & Mum: Srsly?!

This was a big shock. My sister is a bacon LOVER. Chicken's probably her favourite food ever. And when I asked why she said...

Sis: Well, that's the second time I've had tofu here and liked it. And what about those animals in the petting zoo at the Ekka this morning?

She was referring to the petting zoo that was situated riiiight in between a pie stand and the Beef Cattle Exhibit. Nasty.

Anyway - I was one super-happy vegan to say the least! She's a cheese FREAK though, so for now no chance of veganism for her... though I guess I would have said the same thing about her being ovo-lacto. Hey, one thing at a time. 

So after our super-delicious burgers that obviously had magical veg-turning properties, we stopped by The Cupcake Parlour in order to purchase the vegan cupcakes that the BIG sign outside their store promised.

Alas, no vegan cupcakes to speak of. It made me wanna cry, but then newly-veg little sis decided she'd just have one of their vegan Cherry Ripe slices. The clumsy, clumsy girl behind the counter dropped my sister's slice onto the bench! Gasp! She quickly put a new one in the box for us and indicated the slightly-broken one she'd dropped. Did we want it anyway? 
Free vegan slice? Heck yes!

Several delicious minutes later, we were in the car on our way home - chatting about the hot topic of sis's new vegetarianism. Mum bit her lip and turned to me.

Mum: I'm vegetarian too.
Me: What, like already?
Mum: You know I'm borderline anyway! I may as well be one.
Me: XD

Conclusion reached - take your omni friends and family to The Forest. Emerge surrounded by vegetarians who may just become vegans someday.

By the way. Throwing out all non-vegetarian things in your fridge and cupboard makes for super happy fun times.

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  1. This is awesome! I'm knee-deep in omnis but hold out hope that one day the boyfriend or a family member or two will come over from the dark side.
    Congrats! :)