Sunday, August 16, 2009

Even vegans can find food, here on Avenueeee Q...

Sorry. The songs from that show are stuck in my head. It was really good fun!

My sister and I travelled to Sydney, NSW to visit our dad - who took us to see Avenue Q. And who also happens to be a little bit of a meat head. Open minded, sure! But sis and I were both a little apprehensive at the prospect of finding good eats. 

We really, really needn't have been.

That, my friends, is a delectable soy cappuccino I had on my very first morning in Sydney, at the Freshwater Surf Cafe. I also enjoyed some yummy mushrooms cooked in olive oil with a side of white sourdough toast, which mysteriously vanished off my plate before the camera came out to play...

And then, a quick lunch of roast veggie and rocket (arugula to you American folks) salad, from a deli in the CBD David Jones

At the end of the day, we went out to a lovely sit-down dinner at Manly's Yok Thai Foods. I got to catch up with my grandparents, which was nice :) and the food. Wow. My family knew the owner, Jay, personally, so she came over to chat with me and my sis about what we would/wouldn't eat. In the end, we had some VERY tasty vegan Thai, including spring rolls, Pad Thai, and a really REALLY delicious impromptu veggie-tofu-basil-chilli dish.
Way too good for words.

Now I'm back in Brisbane, and looking forward to trying out some vegan baking in the next week - keep checking back!


  1. Hiya, just found your blog :) Glad to hear you enjoyed being on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I haven't tried Freshwater Surf or Yok, I assumed Yok wouldn't have anything vegan but now I know they do, thanks!