Friday, June 19, 2009

berry sorbet breakfast smoothie

Oh, the joys of a ridiculously expensive, million-attachment, does-everything food processor. I will continue to explore them in posts to come... but for now, a simple fruity fat-free breakfast smoothie!


Berries aren't in season here, so I used frozen. What? Sue me, I think they taste just fine. Pricey, though...

Here it is, getting liquidized!

Gooey, huh?

And the final product: a satisfyingly sweet sorbet-like breakfast smoothie for the vegan!

Want one? Well, okay. It's pretty easy. Here's the "recipe":

110g raspberries
3/4 c. blueberries
1 snack-sized tub of diced peaches in juice (keep the juice!)
1 mini-box of apple juice
1/2 c. water
Makes one.

Plonk everything in your liquidizer and blend, blend I say!
Pour into a diner-style glass and serve :)

Well, today I'm at home and am attempting making avocado sushi - so more posts to come!

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