Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hello kidlets. THIS is my new blog if you're interested.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Actual goodbye

... But not from blogging!

Okay, so you'll all recall that I was told not to food blog any more. Recently I visited her and, seeing how well I've been doing, this was revised. So, cautiously, I'm going to re-start, and if any bad comes of it, it'll be buh-bye food bloggies for good this time.

So where does the "actual goodbye" part come into this, if I'm going to start food blogging again, you ask?

Well, you may or may not recall that I wanted to move to WordPress but had no clue how to do so. With a little persistence I've finally (kinda, sorta) figured the place out, so I will be blogging from there from now on. At the moment it's set on private because I'm still setting a few things up, but keep checking back - I may have a post up later today!

^ Clicky clicky.

Ciao bellas, see you on the WordPress side!
- Liz

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New directions: vegan shoes

Hola, bloggies!

So assuming you've all read my last post, I won't be needing to explain why 1) I've been absent from the blogsphere for a few weeks, and 2) this post will not be food-centric.

I've been faced with quite a dilemma, in fact - what to blog about now? Surely I couldn't just ramble, I'm positive my life's not interesting enough to warrant that. What about my veggie garden aspirations, you ask? Well, those plans haven't quite unfolded as of yet. I am decidedly lacking in seeds to plant and haven't had the chance to buy any yet (I'm adamant that my seeds my organic, therefore limiting the places I can actually buy seeds from). Hopefully this situation will be remedied come Saturday, which happens to be a Super Saver Saturday at my local Mrs. Flannery's aka. Super Happy Funtimes. I don't know if I can quite express how much I love Super Saver Saturdays, but I sure don't love typing all that out. Let's call them Supahs? Kay.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand! So if I couldn't blog about my lack of veggie garden... what did that leave? I still wanted to keep this blog vegan focused, though I'm sure I could blog about a whole host of other things. Passing ideas have included books, my room makeover (currently in progress), movies... and then it hit me. Vegan fashion!

So, I bring you the first of what I am positive will be many posts about vegan clothes, accessories, and - for today specifically - shoes:

Aren't they heavenly? I have to admit, I am a complete and utter sucker for ridiculously tall heels. Especially if they're super pretty (and that goes double if they're pink). I guess I'm just a total girly-girl at heart... but how can anyone resist THIS?!

Gratuitous detail shot, anyone?

And, best part: they're vegan! Proofs:

...if you can read that. Anyway! Review time!

London Rebel Pink Heels Review
Obviously these are some seriously attractive shoes. Lovely platforms on the ball of the foot and sky-high heels that are juuuust the right thickness - not clunky, but not like a stick either - with a gorgeous vibrant colour and cute little cut-out deets plus an adorable ankle strap to hold them firmly in place. I was so smitten with these that I wore them out to the city the other day to meet up with my friend (who was actually the one who talked me into another pair of shoes I didn't need with me when I bought them). As soon as I left the house to walk to the train station, I knew I was going to regret my choice of footwear. Not only are these shoes a major challenge to walk in without falling over/rolling your ankle/plodding along looking like a total idiot (ALL of which I did), they're not exactly painless. By the end of the day my feet were covered in sores (the ankle strap actually CUT IN to my feet!) and sore as hell. I was very thankful indeed that my meeting with my friend was short - not that I don't love spending time with her, but godDAMN, as I was walking around trying desperately not to DIE I was cursing the day I spent a surprisingly low amount of cashola on The Shoes, cursing my stupidity for deciding to put fashion before comfort, and wondering why in HELL anyone EVER wore heels at all... and then we'd walk past a reflective surface and I'd catch a glimpse of The Shoes. Oh. That's why.

Aesthetics: 9/10
Comfort: 2/10
Price: 9/10
Versatility: 6/10

Aesthetics score for obvi reasons, same goes for comfort (given a 2 and not a 1 because I did manage to walk around for about an hour and a half with them on, without killing myself - god I hope they just need to be broken in!), price was very very good as they were originally $60 but they were 50%, heck yes! And versatility is a little so-so because the actual style of the shoe is pretty neutral, but the outrageous colour means they won't go with everything.

Be sure to check out shoes by London Rebel. I can't vouch for 100% veganness, but they're not especially expensive or high-brow shoes (yet are absolutely gorgeous - can you tell I LOVE this brand?!) so I wouldn't think many of their designs are leather, if any at all.

Next up; seeds for the veggie garden!

- VS

Monday, October 26, 2009

So long, farewell...


Literally on the SAME day that I've just posted about how often I'll be able to post now, I had an appointment with my dietician/psychologist and this is the awful, horrid and downright depressing sentence she has passed down to me:

Don't food blog until you're much further down the recovery track. Also, limit your reading of food blogs and read cookbooks only under supervision for limited amounts of time.

Seriously? This is going to suuuuuuuck. Big time. I mean, of course I understand why - it's about taking my mind off of food 24/7. But food blogging has always been such a POSITIVE for me! It's seriously actually HELPED me so much this far. Le sigh. I guess there's nothing I can do.

The good news: I *can* continue to blog. Just not about making food. I am, however, permitted to write about GROWING food! With all this newfound time to myself i've decided to make a little project of making a veggie garden. So, I'll be blogging about that from now on, as well as any other vegan-related, or just Liz-related topics. I want this blog to reflect who I am as a whole person, if it can't be a food blog for a while. Don't worry though - I'll start posting about food at some point again! I'll let you know when it looks like the day I can resume food bloggery is nigh.

Anyway, I'm considering moving to wordpress, but this is what's stopping me: I cannot for the life of me figure the damned thing out! Anyone have any tips?

Thank you so much, everyone, for all your lovely comments and sincere compliments - on my food, photos, writing, or just plain old me! I can't tell you how much it's meant to me to be a part of such a kind, funny and supportive community! But please don't all assume me a lost cause just cos I can't blog about food anymore - I wanna be kept in the loop! Let me know about meetups, care package swaps, new recipes you think I'd like, anything to do with oatmeal/dried fruit/larabars, you know the drill. Even though I'll be reading less of your blogs, I'll still comment from time to time!

Once again, thank you all. The next time I post, it'll be about my garden! Any seedling ideas?

- VS

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just a quick li'l heads-up, chickadees: I now only attend school part-time. To cut a very long story brutally short, I have not been coping with the energy that my school requires in order for me to survive as a student there - talkin' physically & emotionally here. Plus I've completely lost passion for the subject I am even in school at all for: Theatre, so I'm feeling pretty lost at sea where my life focus is concerned. Top it all off with an ongoing recovery period from anorexia nervosa (yikes, I've hinted at it here before but never quite been so blunt - sorry if that freaks anybody out) and you've got yourself a vegan, seventeen who really needs some honest to God off time. So instead of five days a week of school I'm doing two, without the stress of having to worry about homework & assessment - only for this last term, and then next year we'll see where my head's at.

So, moving on. What does all this mean? Copious amounts of time all to myself? Check. Parents and principal heavily encouraging me to be social and go out? Check. Is this a dream? Nope, it's all too real, and what it means is this: I can blog properly again!

Now, I can't be putting pressure on myself to replace all the pressure I've just had removed, so I'm not promising daily postage. But I'm thinking it'll at least be more frequent than it has of late :D

So! My first post as a part-time school-attender, on my second day of non-attendance. It's been pretty fantastic so far, very relaxing and such. I've been snacking on beauties such as this:

Yes, I still have Cinnamon Cashews left over from Sydney. With organic strawbz + topped with Ricemellow Creme. Loves. And speaking of Sydney, I believe I hinted at a review?

Review: Syndian Roasted Vege Lasagna
Woe betide she who gives a negative review to a vegan product, right? I feel awful in saying this, but this just did not do it for me at all. In fact, I downright disliked it. Now y'all know what a big fan I am of Syndian's bites and burgers, so you can probably take a guess at how disappointed I was by this lasagna. See the sorry-looking sheet of tofu ricotta on top of all that thinned-out tomato sauce? It was so bland! It was like eating soggy paper. No taste at all. The tomato sauce was better flavour-wise, but lacked in the texture department and did a very bad job of staying between the sheets of pasta, preferring to run all over everything like water. As for the actual vegetables, well, they were good tasting but only because vegetables are pretty much always good tasting. No interesting seasoning or anything - plus they were cut into such BIG sizes and kept tearing off all over the place, and they were all cooked to different stages - some were supah soft and fell off my fork, and others were hard and crunchy. Eating this thing was a MESS. I won't be getting this again. But don't worry, I still love you, Syndian. You've already won me over for good with your delicious falafel bites :)

With all my extra time, I decided to try out a few recipes from VWAV I've been meaning to cook up for a while now. Presenting:

Ginger Roasted Vegetables with Orange Glazed Beets, alongside garlicky spinach and pine nut couscous. So. Effing. Yummmm. I added a ton more salt to the beets than the recipe said because I didn't want to overload on sweetness for dinner (seeing as the roasted veg dish has copious amounts of maple syrup in it) and it turned out amaaazing. Salt + maple + orange + beets = yumtastic.

Anyway, tonight's very exciting because I get on a plane to Melbourne! I used to live in good ol' Melby when I was just a kidlet, but I don't remember it very much. I'm super excited to see my dad's new house plus explore around town - not to mention visit some amazing vegan restaurants and cafes! So far I've got my heart set on going to Vegie Bar and Lord of the Fries (I've heard it's gone downhill, but vegan fast food is so scarce I figure I've gotta try it once, right?). Any other recommendations?

See you in Melbourne!
- VS

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Abandonment issues

Sheesh. As soon as school starts up again, this blog gets abandoned like a xmas present puppy. Oh my gosh, that was in such bad taste. Sorry. Speaking of irresponsible pet owners, though, today I went looking for a new water dispenser for my chickens - theirs is broken :( and I was at the Pet Hypermarket resisting the urge to adopt every single mill-bred puppy in the store when I saw a couple looking at a turtle. The man obviously wanted the turtle, badly. The woman said, "But we barely clean the bloody house, how are we going to find time to clean that huge tank?" and he replied simply, "If we get sick of it, we can just set it free." She agreed and they went to find a staff member. I wanted to tell the workers NOT to sell that turtle to the couple under ANY circumstances. It was so sad to see that process of "Oh it's so cute" one day, to "Dumped on the side of the road" the next, in process. Made me want to cry. Have you ever had a similar experience?

Anyway, end rant. This week has been a mixed bag, eats-wise. Some things have been marvelous, and others have been absolutely ordinary (read: lazy dinners). I whipped up some more recipes from VWAV: Jerk Seitan and Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy!

Kay, it LOOKS pretty ordinary, but lemme assure: absolutely mouthwatering. I was a little worried that the jerk marinade wouldn't "go" with the gravy. But I was proven wrong, and I don't think I was ever happier to be wrong in my whole laaaiiife. I'm loving me some sauces over the top of my dinners lately; case in point: Cheezy Sauce from V'con over roasted sweet potato slices, mashed pumpkin, steamed haricots verts & broccoli, sauteed chard & ginger, plus two glorious slices of homebrand garlic bread (yes, as in from the fridge section of my local Woolies - somehow it's vegan! Rejoice!). Food courtesy of l-o-mum. No picture courtesy of my awful memory. I added a fair whack of pine nuts into the sauce, just to up my protein intake (because we all know how DIFFICULT it is to get vegan protein...). It was a stellar addition, adding a lovely extra texture to the sauce, but next time I think I'll toast them first? Yes indeed.

But wait! There's more! Only, not food. Instead, shiny new kitchen things!
Haul from cute little stall called Chalet:

I found a spiralizer for $50!

Somehow, noodle-fying vegetables make 'em taste even better.

And finalllyy, for my school's semi-formal last night I volunteered to bake some vegan & gluten-free cupcakes - there's a girl in my year who can't have gluten or cocoa. I know! I'd hate being without my cocoalove. So, my original plan was to make Gluten Freedom Vanilla Cupcakes with All-Natural Agave Icingfrom VCTOW to accomodate. But on the night before the semi, I discovered that our cupboards are lacking in quinoa and brown rice flours, two very key ingreds to the said cupcakes. On the verge of a mini stress attack, I suddenly spied our packet of Orgran All Purpose Gluten Free Flour... and our newly purchased packet of Organic Carob Powder. Suddenly I was fishing all over the cupboard and joyfully discovered that we already had ALL the ingredients I needed to make...

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes! Dusted with powdered sugar, carob powder, and cinnamon. At the semi, these disappeared so quick I only got to have one - but what a ONE it was! These are seriously delish. It's sort of like a cinnamon/spicy/fudgey/brownie cupcake with a delicious crunchy border around the top which tastes AMAZING with the simple topping. If you have this recipe book, make these cupcakes.

Anyway, because of my abysmal lack of postage throughout this past week (theatre rehearsals plus school hours plus homework), I've decided to draw inspiration from my fellow bloggies for my next post - and I've got a review to post plus several new foodie dabblings of mine - and an upcoming trip to Melbourne, vegan capital of Australia! Stay tuned!

- VS.